You Can Create Anything With Rustic Materials

Whether it is bare wood or coarse metal, the rustic nature thereof allows for a complete fresh start. All previous materials or surfaces are stripped bare prior to a new floor or staircase installation. The customer’s selected rustic planks can be prepared at the artisan’s workshop. Or they could be prepared at the client’s premises. that is to say that the property owner does have sufficient space for this preparatory leg room.

It is a matter of choice for both artisan and customer, with the customer, of course, having the final say. What do you make of this? How do you feel the preparation work should unfold? And would it not be better for the sake of convenience and efficiency of work for all rustic planks to be fully prepared away from the site of installation. This can be done well enough when the consultation between artisan and customer has been full and proper.

rustic planks

It can work well if the artisan has been fully focused on the area of installation. All measurements have been taken in full. Also, there is less mess and debris to be swept away. Of course, there will be debris, but these will be the remnants of what went before. Remember, an old floor or stair case has just been stripped bare. Speaking of which, whether it is wood or metal of a rustic nature, any manner of creative or decorative possibilities prevail.

But manner customers are choosing to forgo any paint or varnish work because the stripped bare rustic look is very much in vogue. Just one thing left to do. The skilled artisan must still ensure that a transparent coating will do full justice in terms of allowing the wood or metal to be protected and ensured of a long life.  

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